NMR Live! Preview: Nikki Phillippi’s 6 Best YouTube Videos

Mix together 1 part sweet, 2 parts sassy, 3 parts singing magic, and what do you get? Not a recipe for delicious cookies, from the looks of it. But you do in fact get one of our to-die-for YouTubers of the moment, Nikki Phillippi!

In case you didn’t get the memo, this pink-haired beaut will be making her NMR Live! series debut on August 16, along with fellow YouTube talent Charity Vance. Click here for details and then here to buy your tickets for these singing powerhouses! While you wait in anticipation until Saturday, may NMR present for your viewing pleasure our TOP 6 NIKKI PHILLIPPI VIDEOS. She sings, she dances, she dyes her hair pink for Pete’s sake. What more could we ask for? Nothing. The answer is always nothing.

6.) Watch Me Dye My Hair Pink!

5.) “Ready or Not” Music Video

4.) “Strip Me” Music Video

3.) #PlayOn Challenge

2.) “Once In A Lifetime” Music Video Cover

1.) Summer Favorites + Singing Concert?!