Oprah’s OWN Sets Up Shop At The YouTube Space


Guess who’s coming to the YouTube Space LA! I mean, don’t literally guess because I already know and I’m going to tell you. It’s Oprah Winfrey. Oprah and her OWN Network are developing a new web series in partnership with YouTube’s Los Angeles production facility. The show, called “Who Am I,” will feature celebrity guests answering the title question in an effort to get to the heart of what defines them and their success.

The show premiered yesterday and has already featured guests like R&B artist Brandy, and fashion personality Nicole Richie. Based on the trailer we can also expect appearances from musician LaToya Jackson, actress Vivica A. Fox, and YouTube’s own beauty queen Michelle Phan. “Who Am I” riffs on one of the skills that made Oprah Winfrey a television success. Her ability to peel away the veneer of a person makes her show eminently watchable, and OWN hopes that it will be no less engaging distilled into video form.

The series will be composed of short videos tailor-made for the YouTube appetite, clocking in at about 2-3 minutes in length. The series will air on Oprah.com as well as on OWN’s dedicated YouTube channel. According to the Hollywood Reporter, OWN is the latest network to take advantage of the YouTube space — not just for its production facilities but also for its status as a hub for the YouTube creator community. The ability to connect with native YouTubers, like Michelle Phan, is a huge asset to television networks looking to expand their digital footprint. “Who Am I” and its predecessor “#OWNSHOW” are just the first steps in OWN’s plan to conquer the digital sphere.