PacSun and Stylehaul Are Our Fashion OTP


Beauty and lifestyle are two of the fastest growing genres on YouTube, so it’s no surprise that more and more clothing retailers are looking to team up with YouTube creators. Target, the store that sells everything, recently paired up with Todrick Hall to create an online reality show aimed at college students and teens. However, when it comes to style vloggers, no one has a better hook-up than Stylehaul, the YouTube network that has all but cornered the market on things young women love. That’s certainly what PacSun is hoping for since the bastion of beachy apparel has teamed up with Stylehaul for a new campaign powered by some of YouTube’s most popular fashion vloggers.

Stylehaul stars BeyondBeautyStar, Macbby11, MyLifeAsEva and MamaMiaMakeup will all bring their fashion expertise to PacSun’s Bullhead Denim imprint. A four-video interactive series will see the style vloggers put their own spin on PacSun’s denim line and call on viewers to submit their own ideas. Brand deals like this may ultimately be more successful than traditional celebrity spokesman arrangements because fans see YouTubers as peers rather than icons. Young women are more apt to take a style suggestion from a style vlogger whose taste she admires than from a celebrity with a nearly unattainable lifestyle.

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