YouTube Singing Star Peter Hollens Signs Record Deal [INTERVIEW]

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Did you know that Peter Hollens was a dad? If you’re like me and didn’t, well then that’s two pieces of news NMR is delighted to bring you. The other, of course, if you read the headline, was that he finally signed a record deal. The lucky company who gets to back the a capella star’s upward trajectory? Sony Masterworks, a strongly classical and operatic division of the Sony Music label. His first album for them is expected to drop in October.

Of course, because we like to think we’re buddies with Peter, we reached out to get the skinny on his new deal and how it all went down. Hopefully this quickie interview clears some of that up.

Was this your first opportunity to sign a record deal or had you been holding out until the time was right?

Yes, I had been negotiating with another label for the last 18 months or so, and it wasn’t until Masterworks offered that everything felt right. I never had any intention of signing with a major label. I believed in doing it alone, but this just made far too much sense for me to pass up.

Does your contract allow you to continue posting on YouTube — and if so, are you?

Of course! I won’t change anything about my workflow. The most important thing to me is releasing consistent content, and that will always be priority #1.

How did you celebrate when you signed the deal?

Honestly, I haven’t really. I’ve been working solidly without a real “break” for over two years, and even though I probably should take one, I would rather just keep on working and making more music!

Will the forthcoming album be all originals or will there be a few covers on there as well?

It will be consistent with the material I have been releasing the last three years. My hope is to take some of what I have learned the past three years and be able to help change the industry as much as possible. I’m far too stubborn to let it change me. I would adore to collaborate with as many artists as possible and really bring my love of working with other artists to the more “traditional” world. There will be at least one original on the album.

What do the next few months now look like for you?

More of the same! Most of my time is spent working, and the rest of my time with our new little 4-month-old. Of course, I’ll be preparing for the album release on October 28!