PewDiePie and Maker Studios Cook Up A New App


When it comes to YouTube, PewDiePie is the undisputed most popular kid in class. With 29 million subscribers and almost 5.5 billion views, the excitable Swede eclipses pop stars and TV networks at the very top of the YouTube charts. Perhaps the only thing missing from his enviable gaming empire is an iOS app … until now!

Maker Studios, the Disney-owned multi-channel network that Pewds calls home, has finally built a mobile app for their biggest star. The app will let fans view PewDiePie’s entire catalog of videos, create individualized playlists of their favorites, and share video clips with friends over social media.

Many YouTube stars are going mobile as they look for ways to capitalize on the huge audiences they’ve built on YouTube. A mobile app makes sense for PewDiePie, whose young audience tends to favor mobile over any other venue when it comes to viewing and interacting with content. It’s also a way for PewDiePie and Maker to own a larger part of that audience rather than sharing it with YouTube. The video platform’s ironclad 45/55 split for ad revenue has long been a source of frustration for content creators.

In many ways, the app is long overdue. PewDiePie is easily YouTube’s biggest star, earning over $4 million last year from his online video content. His ability to draw an audience to destinations outside of YouTube is second to none. With everyone looking for ways to get more access to their own audience, expect to see more of your favorite YouTubers launching their own apps soon.

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