Pinterest Pins A Deal on Vevo


A few years back, Vevo came in like a wrecking ball and now the video-hosting service has just about every major music video release on lock. The vast majority of music’s biggest stars from top-subscribed Rihanna all the way down to lowly Nickleback all release their new music videos through Vevo. Now our merciful music video overlord has locked down a deal with your mom’s favorite social network, Pinterest, meaning that it’s finally possible to pin your favorite Vevo videos directly to your Pinterest page.

Pinterest has gained huge popularity as a social network that allows its users to curate content they enjoy by “pinning” it to their Pinterest “board.” Up to this point, that main function of Pinterest has been to let users curate boards of still images from a variety of sources to create themed lifestyle boards. The one missing piece of the Pinterest puzzle has been video, but the social network is working hard to correct that. Recently both YouTube and Vimeo have signed on to allow direct pinning of videos from their site and mobile apps, and now Vevo has joined the party.

Online video is the fastest growing sector of online content, and bringing major video hosting services into the Pinterest fold will help the site to remain current. Pinterest designers may also be hoping that the ability to pin more interactive content may attract a wider audience to the site, whose user base has skewed heavily female (over 84% according toVenturebeat). Users of online video platforms tend to be far more balanced by gender, so making that content pinnable may help Pinterest to attract a larger male audience and the advertisers that come with them.

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