PointlessBlog Brings You ‘The Pointless Book’


Fans of Alfie Deyes, the cheeky Brighton boy behind the uber-successful YouTube channel PointlessBlog, have known for weeks that Alfie has been hinting at a top-secret “Pointless Project.” Well, today that project is revealed and you’ll be excited to learn that the prince of British YouTube has gone and written himself a book. Naturally the title of the project will be “Pointless Book,” but it will be far more than just mere printed words. “The Pointless Book” promises to be a fully immersive social media experience.

“The Pointless Book” comes with its own interactive app as well as specialized social media hashtags that will allow readers to share their reading experience across Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. Equal parts work book and journal, “The Pointless Book” blends jokes and challenges with space for readers to create something all their own.  In short, the book is uniquely influenced by Alfie’s personality and style.

Of course, Alfie isn’t the first published author on YouTube or even the first in his immediate social circle. Girlfriend Zoe Sugg, better known as the beauty and fashion icon Zoella, announced her own book deal earlier this year. The first book in her YA series “Girl Online” is expected out in November. Meanwhile, YouTube all-star Hannah Hart proved earlier this week just what social media stardom can do for a book. Her debut book “My Drunk Kitchen” shot to the top of the Amazon bestseller list thanks to support from her army of followers.

“The Pointless Book” will hit shelves on September 4 just in time to chase away those back to school blues.

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