Redskins Respond To Racism Charges With YouTube Video

Is it pro-Native American or just flat-out racist?

One of the major issues the NFL has had over the last decade is the name of their franchise out of Washington D.C. — the Washington Redskins. Only in the political beltway could there be such a hotly debated issue with both sides chiming in and gathering up supporters. First a Native American council formed a lobby group, Change the Mascot, and dropped a video during the NBA Finals (after the Super Bowl allegedly declined to air it) called “Proud to Be.” Now the Redskins franchise has retorted with a YouTube video called “‘Redskins’ is a Powerful Name,” that features various Native Americans supporting what they call “a warrior’s name.”

Allegedly the Redskins dropped a heap-load of wampum to the tribe that many of these talking heads hail from though. So who’s right? I think we need the Epic Rap Battle guys to help decide this one …