Ryan Seacrest Gives Digitour The ‘American Idol’ Treatment


Does Ryan Seacrest have an eye for talent? Unknown! But he has spent years subtly mocking entertainment hopefuls as the host of “American Idol” so it’s possible he’s picked up a few things. More importantly, he’s got some serious entertainment clout not only as a television and radio host but as a producer of everything from “Keeping Up With the Kardashians” to “American Top 40.” In short, Ryan Seacrest is entertainment, and like anyone forward-thinking in that industry, he’s got his eye on the future and the future is digital.

Earlier this year, Seacrest and his production company invested in DigiTour, the internet roadshow that takes YouTubers and Vine stars on tour, selling tens of thousands of tickets in the process. Now Seacrest is bringing in his “American Idol” expertise to bear by conducting a nationwide social media talent search in cooperation with DigiTour. The prize? A spot opening for Vine sensations Jack Johnson and Jack Gilinsky, better known as Jack and Jack.

The contest was announced yesterday with hopefuls being asked to get their fans and followers to retweet “Wanna see me open for @JackJackJohnson and @JackGilinsky on @TheDigiTour? Retweet this to help get me the invite! #DigiTourSeacrestPickMe” The 20 performers who manage to rack up the most retweets will be automatically entered into an online poll. The top 10 vote-earners from that poll will be revealed Friday on RyanSeacrest.com to build suspense, with the final winner being named on Monday, August 25.

The contest is the first effort of its kind to bring the star-making behavior that has proved so popular in television and music over the last 10 years to the digital space. Social media stars tend to emerge more organically, although the contest winner will need to have a substantial existing social following to succeed. Who do you think should be the next DigiTour Star?

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