Selling Weed To Cops and 9 Other Dangerous Pranks

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Normally, we dislike videos of people pranking cops. They’re already in the public eye, they have a job to do and they get harassed enough. But this video is awesome and we are going to watch it 10 more times before the day is out (as well as show it to everyone we know … which includes you).

This kid is lucky he doesn’t get charged with malicious mischief, lying to a police officer or one of the dozen other charges cops can invent to bust anyone they want. Or, perhaps in light of the Michael Brown thing, this guy is lucky he doesn’t simply get shot six times? Either way, here are nine of the other most dangerous pranks posted on YouTube.

9. Brazilian’s Ghost Girl-in-Elevator

This makes the list because we still can’t believe no one had a heart attack.

8. Robot Prank Goes Horribly Awry

Oh great, these chuckleheads have probably doomed mankind.

7. ATM Robbery Prank

A broken nose is the least these guys probably deserve.

6. Brazilian Prank Show Scares Woman To Near Insanity

F**k, how many times can you prank a single person without them dying?

5. VitalyZDTV: Miami Zombie Attack Prank

Vitaly pulled this right after that whole face-eating bath salts incident … balls.

4. Roman Atwood’s ‘The N Word’

Roman Atwood brilliantly proves how volatile black/white race relations are in certain areas.

3. Selling Guns In The Hood

These guys have a whole slew of dangerous/stupid pranks.

2. Pranker Gets Gun Pulled On Him

Yeah, pranksters deserve what happens to them when they pull pranks like this.

1. Ari Shaffir — The Amazing Racist

Ari Shaffir is likely the first person who will get murdered in the name of comedy.