Sex Scandal Involves Female Game Developer Zoe Quinn, Kotaku

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So the internet has been buzzing about Zoe Quinn, a popular internet gamer girl/indie developer being exposed in a sex scandal. Most of you would go to Kotaku for this sort of thing, except, well, Kotaku is involved and … it’s messy. Long story short, they aren’t saying a damn word so far. But Motherboard has a great write-up on it.

Zoe Quinn is the indie game developer behind “Depression Quest,” a game that shows what it is like to live with depression. Originally, in developing the game and trying to get it posted to Steam, Quinn became internet famous for being harassed by trolls and the 4chan crowd — a problem that routinely seems to accompany girls involved in gaming.

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Now the trolls are feeling justified in their smugness because Quinn’s one-time boyfriend just posted a series of blogs that indicate (with proof) that Quinn has been involved in a series of affairs with prominent members of the gaming community, including her boss and a writer for Kotaku.

Currently there seems to be misinformation floating around on 4chan and more credible news sources that Quinn traded sexual favors to the Kotaku reporter (why doesn’t anyone offer to trade NMR sexual favors?), Nathan Grayson, in exchange for positive reviews. If it were true, it would be a pretty damning blow to Kotaku’s reputation.

There doesn’t seem to be anything by Grayson related to a favorable review of Quinn’s game though, and he even took to his Twitter account to affirm that.

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Nonetheless, the scandal has had the twofold effect of smearing Kotaku through the mud and getting YouTube gamer TotalBiscuit involved. Apparently he addressed game journalism earlier on in relation to the Zoe Quinn harassment originally, so now the internet has looked back to him for more commenting.

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His blog post on Twitlonger additionally slams Quinn for allegedly invoking copyright law to get a video by low level YouTuber MundaneMatt blocked (if, in fact, it was her, he admits, who did it) and especially 4chan, whom it seems is having a field day with all this — including changing the words of an Eminem song to parody the scandal.

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Just another day in the microcosm that is internet high school, I guess.