Shane Dawson and Lisa Schwartz Take Stand Against Bullying


Cyber-bullying has been a cause for concern since the early days of the internet. The ability to anonymously attack someone from behind the safety of a computer screen often brings out the worst in otherwise reasonable people. It’s no surprise that YouTube is home to some of the worst of this phenomenon. The platform allows its users to share much more of themselves than they would through other mediums — not just words on a screen, but also faces and voices. Often, that openness creates something amazing, but it also leaves users vulnerable to cutting remarks.

As YouTube stars, Shane Dawson and Lisa Schwartz are more familiar than anyone with the good and bad that comes with living your life on the internet. Both have seen their share of cyber-bullying and risen above it. Now the YouTube power couple has teamed up with the crowd funding platform Wizeo to raised funds for charity organized The End to Cyber Bullying.

Shane and Lisa, who have a combined audience of over 7 million viewers, will host a live interactive chat with fans on Sunday, August 10 at 4 p.m. A minimum donation of $3 is required to participate, but all contributors will have the opportunity to ask a question of Dawson and Schwartz before or during the live event.

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