Six Million Listen To Floyd Mayweather Fail At Reading


Remind me never to imply that 50 Cent is irrelevant. Allegedly, a comment that didn’t even mention Fiddy by name is the reason the rapper issued that reading challenge to Floyd Mayweather Jr. And now that it’s out there, apparently it’s the only thing the internet cares about.

Power 105, an urban radio station out of NYC, played on their Breakfast Club, an audio recording of Money Mayweather attempting to read a radio announcement for them about some website for veterans. It’s pretty tragic, but what’s really tragic is that over 6 million people have tuned in because a guy can’t read.

We are a society of hypocrites — getting on our high horses about bullying and then mocking people for their shortcomings. While everyone should have the ability to read (how else are you going to learn about hypocrisy from mean-spirited NMR writers?), the man has made a pretty great life in a profession that doesn’t necessitate reading.

Lets get back to mocking someone who can’t beat us all up.