Television Turns to Internet RADIO To Promote New Show?!


Remember when television came along and killed radio? Me neither, but I know that it happened because I definitely didn’t grow up listening to “Boy Meets World” on the radio. Well now, radio and television are teaming up with the internet — sort of — all to promote a new show. The show is NBC’s “A To Z,” which is premiering this fall, but the network has teamed up with iHeartRadio, the digital division of radio giant Clear Channel, to promote the show with an early premiere.A to Z - Season Pilot

This isn’t the first time a network has tried premiering a show online to generate early interest. Though YouTube is usually the go-to venue, HBO recently premiered its new show “The Leftovers” on Yahoo Screen, and AMC gave the first episode of its 80s computer drama “Halt and Catch Fire” to Tumblr. The iHeartRadio site isn’t known as a video destination but that’s likely to change as just about every content site on the web is looking to video to help their bottom line. The deal between Clear Channel and NBC promises to build an early audience for “A To Z” and spread the world that iHeartRadio could soon be a home for premium video content.


The show is aimed at a millennial audience, and given that millennials are more likely to consume content online, placing the pilot online is a logical way to target them. However, even shows that have premiered strong online have had difficulty transporting that audience back to television with its fixed viewing times and heavy commercial interruptions. Teaming up with iHeartRadio could change that since the show will also benefit from promotion via Clear Channel’s massive network of radio programs. The show will receive promotional shout-outs on all of Clear Channel’s contemporary and pop music programs, including popular shows like Ryan Seacrest’s “American Top 40” and “Elvis Duran and the Morning Show.”

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