Terrific YouTube Series ‘Firsts’ Delves Into New Relationship Awkwardness

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Okay, not only is it NMR’s mission to report on all the viral trends that are fit to print, but we also want to ferret out new shows and YouTube channels that you have never even heard of!

Such is the case with “Firsts,” a fantastically written (and delightfully filthy) series about all the “first moments” in a relationship — the first time meeting his best friend, the first game night — and most recently released: the first phone sex.

Hitting the natural emotional beats that make you cringe — or laugh — out loud, this series, starring series creator Courtney Rackley and Troy Ruptash as new couple Sally and Chuck, has quickly become one of my favorites. It’s exciting when the internet can still surprise you (and probably a little relieving).

With wonderful acting, smart writing and good, fun editing, if this show can find an audience, it can explode into something huge. Tubefilter dropped the ball by not nominating this series for a Streamy or six.

My only qualm? I wish Sally was my girlfriend — treat her right, Chuck!