Terry Kennedy Brings New Skateboarding Series To YouTube [INTERVIEW]

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My little brother Chris is a HUGE fan of Terry Kennedy, so when the skate legend did an online series called “Skate & the City” about the culture of Los Angeles skateboarding, and I got to interview him, Chris is the first person I contacted for dirt. I had to whittle out the technical questions that would be more at home in a copy of “Thrasher,” but as you can see, it worked to give us a more personal side of Terry. How many YouTubers do you know of who have gotten shot?

Skate & the City just premiered on YouTube from Network A, and whether you’re a fan of skateboarding or not, this series immerses you in a culture and the unique characters who participate in that world. Step outside your bubble, son, and embrace the vibe of the streets. Be sure to check out our interview with Terry before you watch the series — it will give you that much more of an appreciation for what the man is doing.

What is the best skate spot around Los Angeles?

The Wilshire 10 and 15 hands down were my favorite go-to places to skate! There’s so many spots now it’s hard, but I’d say Stoner Park because it has everything you need to practice.

What is the worst?

Damnnn ………. I don’t know! Lol. Any place you can skate is always a great place.

Answer us this: Why do people call you “ComptonAssTerry” even though you’re from Long Beach?

I got that name from being on MTV’s “Viva La Bam” show, though, you’re right, I’m from Long Beach. Lol.

Did we hear that you got shot? What were you doing when it went down?

Yes, I did get shot. I was at a college party in 2007 at a local university campus in my city and unfortunately I was just at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Why the hell should non-skaters watch your series?

I think all demographics should watch my show. I take you through the different cultures of skate, music, fashion, art and everything in between. Something will appeal to everyone!

What’s with the title? Are you just a HUGE “Sex & The City” fan?

Haha … I didn’t think about that. It defines what the show is exactly about: skating, and the city we’re doing it in, looking at the how the culture of that city is connected to skate.

Do you consider skateboarding closer to basketball or juggling?

Basketball for sure!

Rob Dyrdek said he can’t skate so much because his ass is getting old — how are you holding up?

I feel just great! Staying healthy and maintaining.

What made you want to make this series?

This show is just epic! I’m glad we made it come to life! It lets me talk to people and share their stories while letting people around the world who love skate experience skate culture in cities they might not ever have the chance of getting to.