The Emmys Go Social to Win Young Viewers

37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards - Trophy Room

The Emmy awards, which air tonight on NBC, recognize some of the biggest stars and most important creators in television. This year’s most popular shows will be recognized and their stars will walk the red carpet in designer splendor. However, despite bringing out television’s biggest stars at a time when television’s prestige is at an all-time high, the Emmys are still struggling for one all important thing: young viewers.

Even though young people are consuming television content in record numbers thanks to digital outlets, the Emmy Awards haven’t had much success getting them to tune in to television’s biggest night. This year, a variety of networks covering the awards are pulling out all the stops to catch the attention of millennials. The 2014 Emmy’s will feature an unprecedented amount of coverage via social media designed to find young viewers where they live and drum up interest in the glitzy awards night. Here’s a quick rundown of the type of social media coverage you can expect:

-Late night host Seth Meyers, the Emmy’s host will be distributing backstage and behind the scenes content through all of his social  media channels. His Twitter, Instagram, and Tumblr promises fans a look backstage including exclusive glimpses of rehearsals for the show.

-The E! network will broadcast their red carpet show online with hosts usin viewer questions submitted in real time via social media. A similar strategy was attempted on Sunday night at the typically more youth savvy MTV Video Music Awards with mixed results but hopefully E! will have better luck.

-NBC’s Access Hollywood has set up a much buzzed about “zip-line camera” that will capture live red carpet footage for the red-carpet pre-show. Some of this content will also be edited for distribution on NBC’s official social media accounts. Stars will also be asked to record answers to some questions on a tablet. These answers will then be uploaded to Instagram or Vine.

– The Today show has set up a “Vine Station” to capture exclusive views of the stars and their outfits to be distributed via social media.

-Finally the entire Backstage Pre-Show will be streamed live on and All of this video coverage will be powered by Yahoo Screen.

Overall and impressive amount of content will be generated and pushed out to fans via various social channels. However it remains to be seen whether it is the medium, or the message itself that will be of interest to fans. The means of distribution are certainly more friendly to the connected generation, but the format of the Emmy’s remains essentially unchanged. It’s a glittery but rigidly formal night. Furthermore, Emmy winners tend to reflect the sensibilities of the older generation who make up the majority of Emmy voters. It remains to be seen whether Vines and Instagram filters can override that generational disconnect.

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