The Fine Bros Force New Stars To React


The Fine Brothers have one of the most popular channels on YouTube and it looks like everyone is going to have to take a moment to react to that fact. That includes stars from the world of sports and mainstream television, as Beni and Rafi Fine are preparing to roll out a new version of their insanely popular React series.  Tomorrow, August 14, the Fine’s will introduce a special edition of React called “Celebrities React” featuring personalities from all over the world of mainstream entertainment.

The Fine’s posted a trailer for the new video, which features 10 celebrity guests including Maria Menounos, Sarah Hyland, Nick Cannon, Tony Hawk, Emily Osment, Aimee Teegarden, Debby Ryan, Chris Hardwick, Pete Holmes and James Van Der Beek. We don’t yet know what the stars are reacting to, but with a few exceptions they’re not web video natives, so the whole wide world of bizarre viral video is up for grabs. We know that all the celebs in the clips seem a little little shocked and grossed out except the ever implacable James Van Der Beek. What internet nightmare could horrify Tony Hawk and Debby Ryan but leave the former Dawson Leary with only a grim smile of pleasure? We’ll have to wait until tomorrow to find out.

The timing for this new series couldn’t be better. The Fine Brothers are in the process of transitioning their content into the traditional entertainment world. They’re developing a new show called “React To That” for Nickelodeon and their React series on YouTube just narrowly missed snagging an Emmy nomination this year. They recently launched a second channel for React bonus material that shot past the 1 million subscriber mark in just five days. In short, the Fine’s are making a break for the big time and now is the perfect moment to attach some mainstream stars to their brand.

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