The PGA Calls On YouTubers To Make Golf Cool


The sport of golf needs a coolness boost and the PGA Tour is teaming up with Bedrocket Media to make sure it gets one. Bedrocket, which bills itself as “media for the post-cable generation,” has put out a casting called for YouTuber to join a new digital series called “Clubbed.” Think of it like “Dancing With the Stars” meets golf … meets YouTube.

Twelve YouTubers will be paired up with six pro golfers from the PGA Tour. Each golfer will act as a mentor to their own pair of YouTubers who will all presumably compete for a prize. According to the casting notice, Bedrocket is seeking YouTubers who have at least some familiarity or skill with the game of golf. No names have been attached to the project yet, but the company is hoping to begin filming later this year.


New York-based Bedrock Media Ventures is the company behind successful properties like Flama, the comedy video channel aimed at young Hispanic audiences, action sports-oriented channel Network A, and Shira Lazar’s popular Emmy-nominated “What’s Trending.” Their newest project aims to bring golf to the connected generation. Though the sport boasts a number of famous fans and a few high profile stars like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson, the PGA has struggled to shake the image of retirees puttering around the green. Connecting the sport with a pack of social media-savvy YouTubers could be just the facelift they need.

If you’re interested you can submit your stuff directly. All you need to do is email with all your contact info and a link to your YouTube channel. They’re also looking for a rough estimate of your golf skills and your level of interest in the game so if you just stepped of the links make sure to let them know.

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