The Top 5 Emmy Moments of the Decade [VIDEOS]


NMR is here to report that a new season is upon us. Unfortunately, we are not referring to the Fall season, which is filled with both pumpkin-spiced lattes and corn mazes, although we must admit we have an affinity for both.

Here in Hollywood, it is the much-anticipated, much-dieted-for award season. To kick it off, we have the Primetime Emmy Awards this Monday hosted by Seth Meyers. Even though the Emmys could be deemed the ugly stepchild of this glamorous season, NMR does not discriminate! All award shows in their false idolism glory should be treated fairly, thus a TOP 5 EMMY MOMENTS OF THE DECADE (thus far) list is in order. Scroll below to jump into our ratchet time machine to relive some of NMR’s favorite ghosts of Emmys’ past.

5.) Best Acceptance Speech Ever

4.) Bridesmaids Cast – Scorsese Drinking Game

3.) Neil Patrick Harris, Tina Fey, & Amy Poehler 2013

2.) Ricky Gervais takes his Emmy back

1.) Julia Louis Dreyfus wins Emmy 2013