The Whistle Brings Premium Soccer To Xbox


Just a week after launching their dedicated app on the Xbox console, YouTube’s largest sports-focused MCN, The Whistle, has announced two big new partners who will be utilizing the app to distribute exclusive content. Both Major League Soccer and YouTube channel KickTV has signed on to deliver soccer content designed for the connected generation.

Major League Soccer is just one of several major professional sports organizations who are now distributing original content through The Whistle’s various outlets. The network has also recently forged deals with the NFL, NASCAR, Major League Baseball and the PGA Tour. As more and more entertainment goes digital, major league sports are looking for ways to access highly connected millennials who don’t consume content through traditional means like television. The Whistle has provided an entry point through digital video that many are now taking advantage of.

The partnership is bolstered by the presence of KickTV, one of YouTube’s most popular sources for premium soccer content and commentary. The KickTV already boasts almost 900,000 subscribers and over 105 million views. By bringing the two together to distribute content for Xbox, The Whistle has essentially cornered the market on soccer.

The deal coincides nicely with a spike in interest in soccer in the United States following a better than expected performance by the US team at the FIFA World Cup. Soccer in the US is largely a young person’s sport, and as MLS VP Chris Schlosser points out in a statement, “This partnership with The Whistle will allow MLS and KICKTV to reach an audience of 80 million engaged XBOX users who align very well to our target of young tech-savvy soccer fans.”

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