The WWE Is Literally Taking Over The World


A few weeks back we talked about how controversial American reality TV villain Sarah Palin had launched her own digital channel. Well, while combing the depths of the internet we discovered something with equal if not greater intellectual content. The WWE, the world’s largest and most commercially successful professional wrestling organization, has launched an already-successful digital channel in North America and this week they’re taking it global.

The subscription-based service, which provides access to an extensive library of wrestling video content, has already racked up an impressive 700,000 subscribers in the United States. As of yesterday, the service went live in a bunch of new global locations bringing body slams and taunts from men in speedos to locales as far away as New Zealand, Singapore, Mexico, Spain, Australia, Hong Kong and Scandinavia. The service is also expected to launch in the UK, where it is expected to perform especially well due to common language, later this fall.

The service is an over-the-top content distributor, meaning that video content is being distributed directly by the creator without a network to mediate. The service has performed well in the US despite a considerable price tag, and according to data released by the company most subscribers access and view their content at least once a week. While the profits from cable and pay-per-view television deals have sagged in recent years, online video distribution is keeping professional wrestling alive and well.

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