Twitter Account Outs Congress For Spreading Hate On Wikipedia

Damn, this is some new age supersleuthing …

The Twitter account @congressedits has just done some “All the President’s Men” worthy exposing of a congressperson. The account, started by software developer Ed Summers last year, keeps track of changes made on Wikipedia by IP addresses used by congress — because someone has to, I guess. Anyhoo, Summers’ tracking has just exposed a bit of maliciousness that might just get a congressperson the boot.

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One of the IP addresses being tracked went into a Wikipedia page for transgender “Orange is the New Black” actor/actress Laverne Cox, and changed the wording in the article from “a real transgender woman” to “a real man pretending to be a woman.” Whoops.

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The backlash is only just beginning. Wikipedia editor John Valeron addressed the issue on Wikipedia’s user blog: “ has been repeatedly blocked for short periods but since his return this week has resumed disruptive edits, including attempts at spreading hate speech, and otherwise vandalizing Wikipedia with typically malicious contributions. Admins must stop pussyfooting around this willful, long-term abuse just because it emanates from the U.S. House of Representatives. That’s all the more reason to take immediate and, for once, ‘decisive’ action.”

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Allegedly the staffer responsible, who has not been named yet, claims on the Wikipedia talk pages to be working under the direct supervision of their congressperson boss and has made numerous other similar edits while claiming that Wikipedia articles are “too pro-trans.” Whoever you are, you dun goofed.