Video Creators Take A Stand For Net Neutrality

Net neutrality is important to all of us — the free and open internet gives us all the opportunity to have an equal voice and puts all the content we create on an equal playing field. This is especially true for online video creators, many of whom have built their careers by making content that people enjoy without the support of any major corporation. That’s how most, if not all, of our favorite YouTube stars got their start. So it’s no surprise that now that net neutrality is on the line, one organization is trying to rally the web’s biggest stars to defend it.

The organization, known as Video Creators For Net Neutrality, is being organized by a handful of public interest groups including the consumer advocacy group Public Knowledge and The Harry Potter Alliance, a group that seeks to channel the zeal of the Harry Potter fandom into social justice causes. A number of online video creators including Vlog Brothers Hank and John Green and MyDrunkKitchen star Hannah Hart have come out in favor of upholding Net Neutrality, as have companies like YouTube, Netflix, and Vimeo. The organizers of Video Creators For Net Neutrality hope to mobilize the online video community, and by extension, their millions of social media followers, to add their voices to the cause.

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