Vimeo Snags Three of YouTube’s Biggest Stars

It seems that everyone wants a piece of YouTube’s stars lately. It seems like every other day we’re reporting on a new effort to win them over, whether it’s an offer from Yahoo Screen, or from video start-up Vessel, or film director Ron Howard. Now we can add another name to that list: YouTube’s artsy cousin, Vimeo. CNBC reports that the company has snagged special distribution deals with three of YouTube’s finest. Joey Graceffa, Taryn Southern and Comicbookgirl19 will all launch special projects on Vimeo.

Joey Graceffa is expected to offer a feature film-length version of his fantasy-horror web series “Storytellers” on Vimeo for $6.99. Taryn Southern is rumored to be creating a feature-length film of her own for the site. Comicbookgirl19, whose real name is difficult to come by, is an established Vimeo user. She offers long-form comic reviews of 30 minutes or greater for $2 per viewer.

All three creators will release new content on Vimeo through the platform’s pay-to-view service which allows users to charge a fee in order to view premium content. Unlike rumored offers that have been circulating from YouTube rivals, the Vimeo deal won’t require exclusivity from the creators and only claims a 10 percent share of ad revenue.


All three will also continue to post regular content on YouTube. Though a number of creators have complained about YouTube’s services and its ironclad ad revenue split, few have been willing to openly break with the video giant. Emerging competitors, and even established services like Vimeo, can offer competitive ad rates and incentives but they can’t match YouTube’s broad reach and massive potential audience.


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