Vine Celebrates #ThrowbackThursday With New Features


Just in time for #Throwback Thursday, Vine has added a new feature that will have you digging through your smartphone archives. The six-second video app has finally introduced a feature that will allow users to import their old video footage. That’s kind of a game changer for Vine, which has notoriously frustrated users by allowing them to use only new footage filmed through Vine’s internal camera. The new feature is one of several that Vine hopes will help users to create better and more interesting content.

Though Vine has achieved staggering popularity, thanks in part to its numerous stars who have amassed millions of followers with their six second clips, the app also lost a portion of its everyday user base when competitor Instagram introduced its own video features. Unlike Vine, Instagram allowed users to upload existing video from their smartphones and also allowed a full 15 seconds of footage, as opposed to Vine’s six second rule. Though Vine has certainly recovered, the new feature might be a way to bring casual users back into the fold. It will also allow existing users the chance to repurpose old  footage to create new content, an opportunity that should delight professional and amateur Viners alike. The latest update also includes some other fun features meant to help users create higher quality content. Vine now includes a guide grid to make it easier to compose and frame a shot and a built-in level to help avoid tilted or off-kilter video. Furthermore, users of the iPhone 5s will be pleased to see that its slow-motion video feature is now supported by Vine, adding yet another creative weapon to the Viner arsenal.

Currently, the new features are only available for iOS users, so iPhone Viners rejoice. Vine is hyping the new features by encouraging users to use the hashtag #VintageVine, so while you’re throwing back for Thursday, try busting out some classic footage on Vine.

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