What Video App Is Next On YouTube’s Shopping List?

directrYouTube seems to be practicing a little retail therapy this summer. The Google-owned video giant recently purchased music app Songza and is rumored to be in the process of acquiring streaming partner Twitch, and now the company has added another impulse buy to its shopping spree. YouTube announced yesterday that it has picked up mobile video startup Directr.

Based in Boston, Directr is an app designed to help small businesses create video content. The app provides intuitive editing tools for mobile devices. The app aims to make video editing simple enough so small businesses won’t need skilled video professionals to create shareable content.  The company will be folded into YouTube’s advertising division and presumably its technology will help to expand the range of services YouTube offers its advertising partners.

According to a statement about the deal released on Google+, YouTube has no immediate plans to make changes to Directr beyond making the existing version of the app free to iOS users through the app store. The purchase shows that YouTube still aims to stay on top of the fast-growing mobile video market. The video giant has also been keen to offer new services and tools to its key advertising and channel partners in light of efforts to poach both by emerging rivals like Yahoo and Vessel.

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