Online Video Platform Scores Exclusive Deal With FC Barcelona


While online video companies in the US have been either consolidating their control over various content genres, like YouTube and Netflix, or trying to carve out some real-estate to call their own, like Yahoo Screen and Amazon Prime, French video platform Dailymotion has been quietly locking down exclusive content deals left and right. Today, the Paris-based video giant unveiled an exclusive content deal with FC Barcelona, one of the most popular sports franchises in Europe.

Recently we reported on the deals that would see content from a host of familiar names like AOL, Epic Meal Time and Maker Studios flowing onto Dailymotion. Today’s deal may be even more important for the video giant. FC Barcelona will create its own dedicated Dailymotion channel to house all sorts of exclusive content from the popular soccer club. Dailymotion will have access to live streams of press conferences, video interviews with new players and bonus behind-the -cenes content. Dailymotion will also become the only video player used on the club’s popular website.

The deal will reportedly also extend to the other sporting franchises that fall under the FC Barcelona umbrella. This could include footage from the club’s basketball, handball, and soccer teams. The centerpiece of the arrangement will be live streams presented either in a pay-per-view or video-on-demand format.

Soccer is the most popular sporting internationally and FC Barcelona is among the sport’s most-followed franchises. Interest in the game has risen in the United States in recent months as a result of the FIFA World Cup, but television network and online video outlets have been slow to meet that demand. Securing an exclusive deal with one of the world’s most popular clubs is a coup for Dailmotion that could drive new audiences to the platform.

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