Who Values Customer Service? Not This Airline, Allegedly

Airlines are notoriously the WORST form of transportation. As if flying in a giant metal tube thousands of feet in the air isn’t enough to give you a heart attack, they’ve got to add sucky customer service as the cherry that tops off the sundae of a hellish experience.

Evidence numero uno of said sucky customer service is United Airlines’ stock “apology” letter, which was ousted on Reddit this week. The disingenuous letter shows where an employee forgot to fill in the blanks, proving to the interwebs just how fake United really is. Major woopsy.

apology letter

Evidence numero dos came when YouTube personality Kingsley went off on United via Twitter when they literally had zero employees helping their line of customers. A picture does say a thousand words. In United’s case, a majority of those are expletives.



Which airline would you oust?