Win Two VIP Tickets To Jack Vale’s NMR Live!

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Hey you … yeah, you! You look pretty cool … how would you like to win two VIP tickets to see the comedy stylings of Jack Vale live in concert on Aug. 23?

All you have to do is get in our van. What’s that? No, we know your mom … she said it was cool. She’s, umm, been injured and we’re going to take you to her … what do you mean you can just call her?

Cell phones have thankfully put a crimp on child abductions, but nobody needs to get stolen in order to win these awesome tickets that score you a meet-n-greet with the legendary pranker himself! Feel free to ask Jack Vale anything — even about that time he pooped his pants (he’s probably pooped his pants at some point in his life). But in order to get the tickets, you’ve got to enter the Rafflecopter contest (link below) for our NMR Live! show (see, no van involved).

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Don’t want to get the free tickets to Jack Vale? You can always pay to see the show by clicking here.