YouTube Celebs Party With Pitbull


Collabs are a staple of the YouTube universe, right up there with challenge videos and “how I do my hair” tutorials. While we haven’t seen the rapper Pitbull take on the cinnamon challenge just yet, he’s no stranger to collabs either. The Cuban hip hop star has teamed up with everyone from Kesha to Rihanna while blazing a path to the top of the charts. That’s why we probably shouldn’t be as surprised as we are to hear that he’s now teaming up with a pack of digital superstars in the video for his new single “Fireball.”

Our sources revealed that the video for the song, which wasa filmed on Sunday, August 17 in Los Angeles, will feature some familiar internet faces.Jenna Marbles,Bart Baker and Vine starBrittany Furlan all found their names on the call sheet for Mr. Worldwide’s latest production. The song also features vocals from singer-songwriter John Ryan and is expected to be the first single off of Pitbull’s latest album, “Globalization.”

News outlets have noted that the video cameos would be a major exposure opportunity for the online video stars and a potential career booster for Jenna Marbles, who recently embarked on a new venture as the host of “YouTube 15,” a data-driven radio countdown show on SiriusXM. What they’ve mostly failed to notice is that it’s also a pretty savvy move for Pitbull. The rapper’s latest music video will benefit from his co-stars’ combined 24.1 million subscribers and social media followers. Since the Billboard charts nowfactor in YouTube views, a successful video can take a single straight to No. 1. In short, Jenna, Bart and Brittany might be doing more for Pitbull than he’s doing for them, but we’ll be optimistic and say that everybody wins.

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