YouTube Superstar Marié Digby Enchants With Musical EP ‘Chimera’

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Marié Digby is our new best friend. Perhaps we shouldn’t say that because she’s had such a problem with stalkers (see below), but NMR can’t help but be smitten with the talented singer/songwriter who also plays instruments (guitar and piano) and acts. And did we mention that she is a total sweetheart with an amazing voice and charisma to match? Look at us, we’re gushing … of course you will be too once you listen to the first single, Vanish, from her EP “Chimera.”

Marié, who first made our radars with her super viral (22 million YouTube views!) acoustic take on the Rihanna ditty “Umbrella” in 2007, has been gathering her muses and touring the world to bring us this record. Our bet? It won’t be another seven years before we see a whole lot more of this multi-hyphenate performer. Of course, when she’s all hugely famous, hopefully she hooks her buddies at NMR up with some backstage passes.

Be sure to check out “Chimera” on iTunes! But read the interview first!


Your new album is called “Chimera” — does this have to do with the chemistry definition of the word or the fire-breathing hybrid monster?

Marié: Definitely more along the mythological definition of the Chimera…I also love that it can be used to describe something ‘wildly imaginative,’ which is how I would describe my new EP. All three of the songs are incredibly different, much like the Chimera which is made up of a lion, goat, and snake, but together, I’d like to think my songs represent something powerful and surreal.

You have a very diverse ethnic background — is there one nationality you pull from most in creating your music?

I am half Japanese and half Irish by blood, raised as an American, but I’ve lived in Japan and in the Philippines as well. I have no doubt that I pull my inspirations and influences from all of those places and cultures. I can’t help it because when I travel, I absorb every sound, smell, everything I see and touch and that all gets mixed into the music I write. For my first single ‘Vanish’, I was incredibly inspired by my travels through Cambodia and Thailand. We incorporated their traditional costume and dance into the music video.

What made “Vanish” the optimal first single from your album?

I thought it was the perfect first song to go out with because it’s fun, magical, and hopefully makes you want to dance! When I wrote ‘Vanish’ I knew that visually, it had to be as colorful as it was sonically.

How did you get involved with DEFY’s Creator Program?

I was introduced to DEFY by my managers and we partnered up to create this EP. It’s been a nice experience to work with people who know so much about YouTube and social media vs making an album the more traditional route with a record label.

Are you doing any collaborations with anyone from the Creator Program?

I haven’t yet but I’d love to. I absolutely love collaborating with other creators!

You blew up in 2007 on YouTube with your acoustic cover of “Umbrella” — what have you been up to for the last seven years?

Wow! It’s been seven years already? Well, I’ve gotten to travel all over America, twice around, and toured all over Asia as well. There are so many more places in the world where I would love to tour, including Europe, Australia, and Canada. I’ve made two english language albums, one in Japanese, one in the Philippines, and now my first independent EP!

What has been your best professional experience so far?

I really have to say that the most fulfilling experience of my profession is getting a chance to spend time with my fans. I am still so moved and grateful that my music has been able to touch people. It’s an honor for me to meet those people and to be able to thank them for listening and watching.

Who is your favorite YouTuber?

I love my sis from another miss, Kina Grannis. She has the most soothing voice – as peaceful sounding as little kittens purring.

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What’s your creepiest “stalker” story?

I’ve actually had such serious and scary stalker stories that they’re not even funny! Let’s just say, it led to acquiring restraining orders. It’s no joke! The beauty and curse of YouTube is that when people watch your videos, it feels really intimate. Normal people go, ‘It feels like she’s singing to me’ and the abnormal people go ‘she IS singing to me!’

What do you have coming up? Touring? Live performances?

I have three amazing music videos to share with the world from the Chimera EP! We’ve already uploaded “Vanish” but we have two more as well as acoustic live performances of all three songs. So I have a lot of content that will be rolling out on my YouTube and Facebook pages over the next few months. Hopefully some touring will follow that!