YouTube Waves Offline Playback In Front of Our Noses

Like any good millennial, my voice rises a few octaves whenever I have to frantically shout “IS THE WI-FI DOWN?!” Panic sets in pretty quickly whenever my bars drop to zero, and only a strong unobstructed signal can bring me back from the brink. Fortunately, YouTube’s heard you, and YouTube cares. The video giant has been rolling out new features and tools left and right lately, and while some, like YouTube’s star-crossed music player, have been slow to arrive, the one we should really be anticipating is the much-teased offline playback feature.


The “Watch Later” feature would allow users of YouTube’s mobile app to store videos for future offline viewing. It would also be perfect for the subway, a long car ride or any other place where innocent citizens are tragically deprived of a strong internet connection. Though there has been no official news about the new feature for some time, there have been hints in some of YouTube’s press materials. Screenshots from the Google Play store reveal what the feature might potentially look like when and if it is ever released. The feature was first noticed in screen shots for the Android version of the app, so it’s possible that Android users may be first in line this time around.


Offline play has taken a backseat to some of YouTube’s buzzier projects like streaming music and potential Hollywood deals for the creator community. However, offline playback would be a game-changer for YouTube fans and for professional YouTube watchers like the gang here at NMR. What do you say, YouTube Santa? Can we get this present by the end of the year?

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