10 YouTube Pranksters Who Are ACTUALLY Funny

It’s been a rough weekend in the world of YouTube and I think we could all use a REAL laugh today. Fortunately, NMR has you covered. We’ve combed our sub boxes for the best pranks, gags, and stunts. Check out this list of 10 YouTube Pranksters who are ACTUALLY FUNNY!

The couple that pranks together stays together. Jesse and Jeana of Prank vs. Prank spend as much time tormenting each other as they do the public but they always keep their hands to themselves.

When it comes to pranking the public while respecting personal boundaries no one does it better than NMR’s pal Jack Vale.

NMR has lots of friends, like the Awkward Kids who managed to hilariously troll VidCon without committing a single felony.

The gang at Improv Everywhere also have a knack for getting laughs in public without violating any state or federal laws.

If you get pranked by Stuart Edge you might come out of it $200 richer.

Winter is the worst, but at least it gives us an excuse for more Scary Snowman videos. These videos won’t leave you traumatized but you might never look at Frosty the same way again.

Trolling Trekkies is kind of like shooting fish in a barrel, but Greg Benson of Mediocre Films does it with style.

When it comes to technical skill, no one executes pranks more elaborate that MagicOfRahat.

In this clip Kevin Brueck of “Break” unleashes the Honest Movie Trailer voice guy on the unsuspecting public and manages to get laughs without violating anyone’s personal space.