11 Twitter Accounts You Ought To Follow

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Now that the dust has settled around Twitter, we can gain some perspective about it. Gaga and Bieber are boring. And there are a lot of accounts you’re following that are just taking up space in your chain, celebs trying to shill brand deals. But there are also some folks who have turned Twitter into a place of entertainment, news, comedy, philosophy and enlightenment. We thought we’d share a few of them with you. And of course, we’re going to tell you why in 140 characters or less.

11. Brow Beat

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Slate’s got a cultural arm that’s part Buzzfeed, part retweet machine and plenty of information. Also the occasional bit of pop culture snark.

10. Zelda Williams

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Daughter of Robin Williams deleted her Twitter over trolls — maybe forever. Now she’s back and she’s gained some perspective on life. Should be interesting.

9. Daquann

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Probably the most edgy of the Twitter accounts you should consider, Daquann is reverse racism at its very finest. And funniest. If either statement is possible.

8. MysteryExec

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Damn. You want insider Hollywood? How about the straight dope from this exec who shall remain nameless.

7. Honest Toddler

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Prob most family friendly one we’re pitching. This follows the glut of joke Twitter accounts, but it picks up where “Looks Who’s Talking” left off.

6. Rob Delaney

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For smart, smug sarcasm, look no further.

5. Mallory Ortberg

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Snark plays huge with us — as long as it’s fun snark. For that, you don’t get much better than Mallory Ortberg from The Toast.

4. Cancellation Bear

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Watch TV shows crash and go boom right from your Twitter feed. Cancellation Bear should team up with MysteryExec.

3. Patton Oswalt

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The comedian has become the good to voice-of-reason for all things. His emotional and rational thoughts have quickly made his Twitter the go-to place for news commentary.

2. David Mitchell

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The twisted author of “Cloud Atlas” made waves for writing a short story on Twitter called “The Right Sort.” Now that it’s finished, you can read every 140-character burst without having to wait for the next one.

1. Vice_is_Hip

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The Onion has nothing on this site that mercilessly skewers Vice in all its forms. You got too cool beans, Vice. Someone had to bring you down a peg. Here it is.