13 Viners You Need To Know

Vine is the ultimate creative sandbox of 2014 and its stars have absolutely blown up this year. Stars like Cameron Dallas, Shawn Mendes, and Brittany Furlan have climbed to the top of the social media charts six seconds at a time with clips of jokes, songs, and everyday life. It seems everyone is getting into Vine these days and it can be a little confusing at first, but don’t worry. NMR has you covered with this list of the 13 Viners you NEED to know.


1.) Alphacat

If Vine has a President, it would be Alphacat and not just for his spot-on Obama impersonation; his videos blend the chief executive with executive realness
2. Brandon Calvillo
Brandon has more characters than a standard tweet and the comedic chops to make them all hilarious. Look out for guest appearances by his ultimate hater: his mom!
3. Sunny Mabrey

Sunny’s zany Vine’s are only her latest claim to fame. She’s also an accomplished actress with “Snakes On A Plane” in her creds, so show some respect. Don’t be surprised if her husband, actor Ethan Embry, makes a surprise appearance here and there.
4.) Khoa
Khoa is a self described tech geek and one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30. He’s also a peerless paper animator who specializes in telling six second stop-motion stories.
5.) Nicholas Megalis
Megalis blends music and the mundane in his totally lol-worthy clips.
6.) Simply Silvio
Silvio makes videos that blend reality with cleverly edited fantasy. Also he’s a gorilla.
7.) Manon Mathews
Manon got her comedy training at Chicago’s Second City, just like Tine Fey and Amy Poehler and just like those funny ladies she knows her way around a joke.
8) Ry Doon
Ry Doon’s videos aim for maximum zaniness, but you should also keep an eye out for his super-accurate Jay-Z impression
9.) Simone Shepherd
And what’s Jay-Z without a Beyonce? Simone’s main hustle is her comedy but she’s also does a pretty flawless impression of Queen Bey
10.) Jordan Burt
Every class needs a nerd and on Vine that’s Jordan Burt and his geeky alter-ego Gary.
11.) Josh Peck
Formerly Josh of “Drake and Josh,” the one time Nick star has embraced Vine with a vengeance
12.) Brendon Urie
Apparently being the lead singer of Panic! At The Disco wasn’t enough for Brendon, so he decided to add Vine Star to his resume.
13.) Jerry Purpdrank
Jerry turns even the most mundane event into an opportunity for laughs. He also does a pretty mean Weezy impression if you’re into that.