4chan Takes To Attacking Emma Watson, Pranking Ebola Sufferers

Following closely on the heels of their “F**k Moot” campaign, 4chan has been busy trying to ramp up their evil and prankery. Lately its been harassing Emma Watson, threatening to expose her nude photos in retaliation for her giving a feminist speech. There’s even a doomsday clock ticking down the days, hours and minutes until the photos go online. Whether it’s a hoax or not, so far is anyone’s guess. Oh, and they recently tried to convince Twitter that she died in a hotel room.
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What is definitely a hoax of late from the gleefully malevolent anarchists is their social media campaign to convince West Africans that Ebola doctors “worship” the disease. News of this whole debacle comes courtesy of the lovely Caitlin Dewey, the Washington Post’s star on viral whatnots. Seriously, anytime I quote anything, just assume it came from Ms. Dewey, even if I attribute it to someone else (or don’t attribute it!). Okay, with that said, we can continue on with this here accounting of 4chan’s mischief that may or may not be truly detrimental to humanity.

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Most would snap determine that it is, but for the lot of us, it’s easy enough to realize they are joking. It’s only as Ms. Dewey correctly surmises (or appears to — don’t want to speak for her, of course) that people who don’t understand the bent of 4chan — say, all of West Africa — could believe the site’s postings that a cabal of evildoers including Western doctors have propagated the disease for personal exaltation.
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How apt that 4chan chose a virus for a prank. In that case, the joke is on them. Really we should just have a 4chan “Prank of the Day” counter. Or you know what? We could ignore them altogether; that could work too.

All photos courtesy, naturally, of Caitlin Dewey and/or the Washington Post.