5 Million Watch Attempted Robbery On YouTube

Screen Shot 2014-09-18 at 1.46.59 PM

We realize that headline could be read several different ways, but the bottom line is this: GoPro’s have given us some amazing clips. And yet, the company that has helped taken YouTube to the next level has left much on the table. Why there is an entire niche of customers that GoPro hasn’t even tapped into: justice lovers.

How thrilling is it to watch stupid criminals attempt to rob people, not knowing of the wonder that is the helmet-mounted GoPro? Not only can this assclown be identified, over five million people have laughed at his ignorance and thrilled in his ineptitude. This is like one of those nature programs where you root for the loner gazelle to escape the lion — only better because the “lion” has a gun! I bet this guy didn’t know some magazine on the other side of the equator would be writing about his crime and showing pics of his goofy mug. Hehehe, karma, b*tch!

I will say this though: bicycle-involved robberies are much more common than I would have thought.