6 Canadian YouTubers You Should Know

We don’t talk enough about Canada. Can you talk about Canada too much? I don’t think so. Canada is awesome. They’ve provided America with like half of our TV actors (actual legitimate statistic, I’m sure), they once minted a coin that had a glow-in-the-dark dinosaur on it, and they have a dance club that just projects episodes of The L Word on the wall for no apparent reason (seriously, it’s in Winnipeg, I’ve been there).

Canada also has a variety of talented and clever YouTubers, which is rather convenient for the purpose of writing an article about our favorite Canadian YouTubers. Here are a few!

1. gunnarolla

Gunnarolla (aka Andrew Gunadie) is probably most well known for the comedy music videos he produces for his channel, though he also boasts a number of road trip and comedy vlogs. He often collaborates with fellow Canadian YouTube musician Andrew Huang, with whom he has an electro-pop duo called Dreamz.

2. Andrew Huang

Obviously the next name on this list can only be Andrew Huang, or songstowearpantsto. An accomplished musician, Huang has no shortage of videos on his channel showcasing his talent and creativity.

3. ||Superwoman||

Lilly Singh, often known by her channel name of ||Superwoman||, has amassed an indisputably impressive following of over 4 million subscribers and almost 420 million video views on her main channel. Her comedy vlogs typically feature her humorous takes on everyday life, and showcase her relentless (and relentlessly entertaining) energy.

4. Walk Off the Earth

If you haven’t heard of this tremendously talented group, you’ve been missing out. Walk Off the Earth rose to YouTube prominence after they posted a video of all five group members playing a single guitar to cover Gotye’s “Somebody That I Used to Know.” They’ve gone on to post a number of distinctive covers, as well as videos for original songs that are quite good and entertaining as well.

5. Emily Diana Ruth

Emily Diana Ruth is both a vlogger and a filmmaker. Though she has been posting videos for the past three years, her vlogging took off when she decided to document the production of her short film, “The Water’s Fine.” She’s continued on primarily with a series called “Letters to July,” which takes a more cinematic approach to vlogging than traditionally found on YouTube, and has also posted several short films to her channel.

6. Epic Meal Time

Does Epic Meal Time even need an introduction? Hosted by Harley Morenstein, the show chronicles the cooking of intense, high calorie foods (often featuring tons of meat and alcohol) and the subsequent, somewhat terrifying consumption of them. The series has even been spun off into a TV show called Epic Meal Empire. And, yes, “epic” is really the only word able to describe any of the things they create.

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