6 Videos That Make Us Say ‘TGIF’

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We know you’re probably like “Wow, NMR has an endless reserve of ideas for lists!” That’s not always the case though. Despite what you may have heard, we aren’t superheroes. We’re just normal folk who look forward to the weekend just like you … of course, during the weekend, we do the same thing we do during the week — surf the web looking for crazy videos. It’s a living.

So when Friday rolls around, we sometimes just aren’t that motivated to try very hard. Sometimes when we want to pull a list out of our collective asses, we head over to YouTube and type the first thing that comes to our minds. Then we find the best examples of that subject — be it cats, tampons or some tripe masquerading as news. And so with that in mind, we bring you the six very best videos representing the phrase: “Thank God It’s Friday.”

6. Disco People Love Friday Too

5. Rebecca Black And Her Classic: “Friday”

4. SoFloAntonio/Pranks Do “Flash Friday”

3. “Friday the 13th” — With Legos!

2. Honest Trailers: “Friday”

1. Office Peons Absolutely Losing Their Shit Set To A Pleasant Beat