7 Reasons Laci Green Rules The F*cking Internet

Laci Green is the shit.

In case you aren’t familiar with Laci, she’s a YouTuber who has set out to make the world a better, safer place through factual sex-positive education. Her Sex+ series and her A Naked Notion collaboration with Planned Parenthood have both amassed a high volume of views, with the former recently surpassing 1,000,000 subscribers. And with good reason.

We thought about including her in our #WCW about awesome female teachers on YouTube, but realized she was just so freaking amazing that we had to give you a whole list about just why that is.

1. Her Sex+ vlog series is inclusive.

Looking for info on basic, straight sex? Sure, of course you can find that here. Gay? Transgender? Have disabilities? Into specific kinks? Laci probably has at least one video for you. The number of different ways people have, and want to have sex is way higher than the “traditional” scenario of “here’s a p*nis, here’s a vagina, now mush them together.” (That’s how that works, right?) It’s great to see an attempt to include videos that offer advice and support to people who exist outside of the realm of the generally catered to majority. And when something comes up that Laci doesn’t know too much about herself, she brings on guests who can speak from their own experiences.

2. She’s a really big proponent of consent.

This should be a no-brainer. It really should. But somehow, the idea of requiring consent to sexual activity and what exactly constitutes consent is a very gray, convoluted area to far too many people. You could say that’s largely because schools, media, and society in general tend to teach backwards values and promote rape culture and, yes, you’d be right. But Laci is dedicated to educating people on what hopefully will one day be a straightforward concept, and you gotta appreciate anyone consistently taking on what must be a very headache-inducing topic.

3. This video.

4. She’s not afraid to call a**holes out on their shit.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 1.43.37 PM

Laci certainly isn’t the only YouTuber to comment on Sam Pepper’s sexual harassment video (and the ongoing fallout), but she was among the first. It’s not always easy to call out people in your industry for doing sh*tty things. You risk pissing people off, burning bridges, and alienating yourself. Because of that, a lot of people tend to stay silent when they see something that makes them uncomfortable or upset, or at the very least, wait until enough people have already jumped on the bandwagon of dissent before boarding it themselves. Doing the right thing is more difficult, but it is, as the term suggests, the right thing. And the only way to affect change within a community. So props to Laci for being among those who speak out.

5. But she does it in a productive way.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 3.33.11 PM

Getting defensive when you’re criticized or called an a**hole can be an understandable reaction. Sometimes people don’t have villainous intentions but just screw up and need the opportunity to learn from their mistakes. While Laci’s well-received open letter to Sam Pepper approached him by taking a firm stance on the fact that sexual harassment is not a prank and is never acceptable, it also explained to him why it’s harmful to present it as such and allowed him the opportunity to apologize and pledge to make better choices in the future. Granted, Pepper has made several similarly offensive/criminal videos in the past, and opted instead to operate under some bizarre claim of a social experiment to prove men could be victims, too. But the point is, Laci understands the failings of society to consistently teach proper values and common decency, and was willing to take the time to explain those things to someone who may not have known. Even if he had apologized, it wouldn’t negate what he did, but turning sh*tty things into teachable moments is a worthwhile cause.

6. She’s only human. And she knows it.


Like literally every single one of us, Laci has said and done things online that aren’t particularly awesome. But she’s also been willing to own up to them, apologize, and learn from her mistakes. Give me a role model who takes responsibility and changes for the better over someone who pretends to be perfect any day.

7. She doesn’t give up.

Screen Shot 2014-09-24 at 3.26.35 PM






Being a woman is essentially seen as an invite for constant harassment. Being a woman online? Even worse. A woman online who talks openly about sex?? Oh, boy. And that’s just accounting for day-to-day life. Throw in the aforementioned predisposition to occasionally be, well, human, and the internet will suddenly act like you’re The Worst Person to Ever Live. And respond, as one might anticipate, entirely disproportionately. Laci’s taken a break from YouTube after receiving numerous death threats in the past. But she came back. She continues to make videos, she continues to tour, she continues to try to educate and help people even though there are clearly those who will continue to try to shut her up the same as they would any woman in her position. Even now, she’s getting threats from an unconfirmed source because she’s advocating for anyone who claims to have been sexually abused by Sam Pepper to come forward. But she keeps on going. It’s easier to just shut up and sit back and not have people harass you for trying to be a decent human being and trying to hold other to “decent human being” standards, but she doesn’t. And I don’t expect she ever will.

Bonus! She did a video with Mara Wilson.

Mara is also awesome.

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