8-Bit Awesome: Cinefix’s 8 Best Movies-As-Video Games

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The avenue where video games and Hollywood intersect has brought some amazing content into existence … f**king “GoldenEye,” people! Other movies never quite got the video game releases they deserved. Fortunately, one of NMR’s favorite YouTube channels, Cinefix has the, well, fix for that.

Taking some of the best movies ever made and reducing them to the finest video game format — the 8-bit production value of classic Nintendo — Cinefix has engineered one of the most hilarious and addicting series you’ve ever seen. Now with the release of their latest, “The Matrix,” they’ve one-upped themselves again.

Make sure you check out everything they’ve ever done on their channel, but in the meantime, here are seven other versions of their best movies reimagined as 8-bit video games:

7. Mean Girls

6. Fight Club

5. Happy Gilmore

4. Pulp Fiction

3. Forrest Gump

2. The Big Lebowski

1. A Clockwork Orange

I would love to see “The Princess Bride” get the 8-bit treatment — especially because NES game “Hardball!” appears in the beginning so it would be meta as hell. Or “Network,” my favorite movie of all time. Or “Point Break.” Or … damn there are so many, I wanna see/play them all! Someone get Cinefix into the gaming business!
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