9 Eerie YouTube Videos Of Coincidence & Conspiracy Theories

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We at NMR LOVE conspiracy theories. We don’t necessarily believe any of them (except all of them! Tin foil hats ON, people), but they sure are fun to write about. 9/11 probably is one of the most conspiracy-fueled events around, along with JFK’s assassination and the moon landing being a hoax.

We won’t judge you if you choose to believe (or disbelieve) these videos we’ve compiled (the government is trying to inject us with a denial syrum — take the rightmost letter of every word we’ve written and read them backwards to find out a way you can stop them!). Without further adieu (help us!), NMR presents the 9 Eeriest Conspiracy Theories and Coincidences on YouTube. Read with caution … and make sure you aren’t being followed.

1. “Wizard Of Oz” Syncs With Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side of the Moon”

2. The Denver Airport Illuminati Mystery

3. Vsauce: Coincidences

4. 10 Disturbing Conspiracy Theories

5. Matthew Santoro: 10 Freakiest Conspiracies In History

6. Dark Mission: NASA Moon Landing Hoax

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7. The 20 Biggest Kid’s Cartoon Conspiracies

8. The Lincoln/Kennedy Connection

9. 5 Most Mysterious Sounds Ever Recorded

10. Alien Footage Smuggled Out of Area 51

11. “Loose Change” Documentary