9 Movie Trailers That Are Just Too Awesome To Be Real

Movie trailers aren’t always the best representation of what a final film is going to be, but this is especially true when the film, um, doesn’t exist. But does that stop them from being freaking awesome? Definitely not. Here are some of NMR’s favorite remixed, spoofed, and just utterly fake trailers for films we’d easily shell out $20 to go see.

1. 8 Kilometers: The Gritty Life Story of Justin Bieber

You think you know the Biebs, but you don’t know anything, baby, baby, baby. This tale of the struggles faced by a young, white Canadian boy to follow his dreams and achieve success with the odds so clearly stacked against him will have you in tears. Much like Bieber’s existence. I’m crying just thinking about him. What did we do to deserve this.

2. My Little Serenity

Because who didn’t watch Serenity and think “Man! Cartoon ponies would have been so much cooler than Nathan Fillion and Summer Glau!” Wait, did anyone think that? Would anyone think that? Step aside. But enjoy this trailer first.

3. The Shining (A Family Film)

Looking for a feel good film for the whole family? In a twist from Stephen King’s usual dark and twisted fare, this touching story of a young boy in need of a father forming an unshakable bond with a struggling writer is the movie for you! There’s no way this one doesn’t have a happy ending.

4. Dora the Explorer

Modern Family‘s Ariel Winter kicks ass and takes names in not one, but two languages in this action-packed update to the educational children’s show. So if you’re a teen or adult who isn’t quite ready to give up learning Spanish and adventuring with Dora, this just may be the answer to all your problems. (And unlike the rest of the videos on this list, there’s actually a little bit more to watch after the trailer.)

5. Animorphs

Yes, there really was an Animorphs TV series on Nickelodeon. No, we still aren’t going to talk about it. But what the world really needs — nay, deserves — is a properly gritty reboot of what is inarguably one of the all-time best book series to ever exist. Until then, we can watch trailers of what could be and weep silently.

6. Siri: The Horror Movie

A murderous Siri pit against Apple’s blindly devoted consumers (hey, I’m one of them) would give Android users a huge leg up in the smartphone debate. Maybe the next time your iPhone directs you to drive towards what kind of looks more like the edge of a cliff than the nearest Starbucks … don’t be so quick to write it off as a bug…

7. When Harry Met Sally 2

Now this is how sequels should work.

8. Pitch Perfect (A Horror Story)

What’s scarier than being forced to join a college club full of girls who randomly break out into song? Well, okay, aca-lot of things, probably. Now what would REALLY make this version of Pitch Perfect a horror film is if Anna Kendrick ends up with that overbearing obsessive kid and not her obvious soulmate Brittany Snow, right?? Sigh.

9. 50 Shades of Grey

You gotta love the effort fan fic writers put into trailers for their stories. This is easily one of the more well-produced ones, but the content of the fic itself is far too misogynistic and absurd to ever cut it as an actual movie. The romanticism of abusive relationships is so cringeworthy it almost makes the canon Edward Cullen look like a good boyfriend! But every writer has to start somewhere. Hopefully the reviewers leave some solid constructive criticism for this ficcer to improve their writing and, uh, life outlook on the next go around.

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