7 YouTubers Who Prove Bisexuals Are, In Fact, Visible

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if we lived in a world where people didn’t assume bisexuality was just a “phase” or a “stepping stone to being actually gay?” Such a crazy notion! Unfortunately, our society isn’t that great at acceptance and understanding just yet, hence why we still need things like “Bisexual Visibility Day.” That’s today!

And what better way for NMR to celebrate such an oddly necessary day of acknowledgement than to share with you some of our favorite bisexual YouTubers? Okay, okay, some of them identify as “pansexual” (attraction towards people of any sex or gender identity), rather than specifically bisexual (attraction towards males and females). But without getting into a huge debate about whether one should encompass the other or what different terms mean to different people, let’s just use today to support YouTubers who fall outside of the traditional realm of “straight” or “gay” and represent a wider spectrum on the Kinsey scale.

1. Rosie Spaughton

Though she also makes videos on her own channel, Rosie is perhaps better known for making comedy videos with her fianceé RoseEllenDix. Public figures don’t always want to publicize their relationships, but we’re glad these two have because they make really funny videos together.

2. David Camarena

Only having recently come out as bisexual, David already boasts over 172,000 subscribers on his channel, which often features collaborations with his sister, Strawburry17, and fellow vlogger Joey Graceffa.

3. Jess D’Arcy

A style & beauty vlogger, Jess has tutorials you can use every day, as well as film and TV-specific options for the nerd in all of us.

4. TheRealAlexBertie

Featuring a number of videos about life as a transgender teenager, Alex’s channel is a great resource for anyone wanting to know more about his life and opinions on that world. Or if you like Pikachu. There seems to be a lot of Pikachu.

5. Claudia Boleyn

Describing herself as an “occasionally angry queer,” Claudia mostly juggles feminist critiques of fan favorite TV shows and cover songs on her channel. I’ll let you guess which one leaves her with more unnecessary flack from anon commenters.

6. R.J. Aguiar

In support of Bisexual Visibility Day, R.J. is kicking off a new series called “Ask a Bi Guy.” This suggests bi guys might actually still be visible the other 364 days of the year, but only time will tell.

7. Scarlet Saint

So. Much. Xena. Gotta love it. Scarlet has all sorts of videos up on her channel, but her body positivity vlogs and tattoo stories might be of particular interest.

Throwing together a list of bisexual YouTubers was more difficult than expected — there really DOES need to be better visibility. Who are some of your favorite bi or pansexual YouTubers? Let us know, and don’t forget to share this list with your friends using the super convenient links to your left!