Alfie Deyes’ ‘Pointless Book’ Tops The Amazon Charts


Congratulations are in order for Alfie Deyes. The cheeky challenge vlogger responsible for the PointlessBlog channel released his “Pointless Book” last week and it has already climbed to the top of the UK Amazon charts. Alfie joins fellow YouTube stars like Hannah Hart, and Epic Meal Time, who have all managed to translate their social media fame into bestselling author status.

Ignore the dismissive title, Alfie’s book is hardly pointless. Rather than a straight up narrative or a memoir, the Pointless Book functions more like an activity book loosely tied to the format of the PointlessBlog channel. The book contains challenges and activities as well as interactive social media components and hashtags so that readers can track their progress and share their reading experience with Alfie and fellow fans via a series of recommended hashtags. The book caused a stir on social media recently after becoming the object of a takedown piece by Vice columnist Joe Bish.

Despite the dust-up with Vice, it’s clear that publishers have started to take notice of the drawing power of internet stars like Alfie and there are a slew of other YouTube books on the way. Michelle Phan recently announced her own upcoming book of life advice, a genre that comedy vlogger Grace Helbig will also embark upon with her forthcoming release. Books are also expected by the end of the year from “You Deserve A Drink” host Mamrie Hart and Alfie’s own girlfriend, beauty vlogger Zoe Sugg, better known as Zoella.