Ali-A Brings E-Sports To YouTube With ‘Legends of Gaming’


The emerging world of E-Sports is growing fast and an already huge audience is growing along with it. Endemol Beyond wants to capture those eyes with a new channel headlined by popular YouTube gamer Ali A. The channel will feature lists, compilation videos and commentary from Ali along with other popular gamers, but the real draw will be competition. “Legends of Gaming” aims to pit competitive YouTube gamers from around the world and across gaming genres against one another in a competition to crown the ultimate gamer.

Despite booming growth on sites like Twitch and Major League Gaming the world of E-Sports has been underrepresented on YouTube. YouTube’s thriving gaming community primarily produces produces hours of “let’s plays” and game reviews, but coverage of competitive gaming has been comparatively sparse. Legends of Gaming plans to fill that open niche by bringing together many of YouTube’s most skilled gamers in E-Sports style competitions.

In addition to hopefully fostering a more active E-Sports community within YouTube’s existing gamer hive, the channel will serve as a lead in to a live event. Legends of Gaming Live is slated for September of 2015 at the Alexandra Palace in central London. The locale is the current home of Summer in the City, an annual YouTube gathering that draws thousands of fans and creators. Endemol is giving itself a year to generate enough buzz around its gaming community to bring in similar crowds and put YouTube’s developing E-Sports community on the map.