Animals Not Acting Like Animals: 5 Oddly Pleasant Videos

Screen Shot 2014-09-29 at 12.48.13 PM

We’ve all seen people acting like animals, but it’s considerably rarer for that stunt to go the other way: animals acting like people. Now we’re not going for the cheap stunts here — a dog that sounds like it might be saying “I love you.” No, we went after a full-on “Damn, that polar bear is doing taxes — and correctly guessing the number of exemptions it can file in a fiscal year” style of video. I don’t know that we quite achieved that level of humanity (hell, we can’t even do our taxes correctly), but these next five videos fall somewhere in between those two points. Wasn’t there something in the Bible about a frog on a bench signalling the end of days?

Pete the Monkey, Washing Dishes

Frog Chills On A Bench, Waiting For A Bus?

Bulldog is Unamused By “Family Guy” Lately (As Are We)

Cat Uses Fork To Eat Lunch

Two Dalmatians Race On Bikes … We Shit You Not

So there you go: five videos that showcase the forthcoming apocalypse. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. Of course, NMR won’t be getting raptured either, so, you know, we’ll just keep writing articles as we are enslaved by the Dark Prince and all that.

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