AwesomenessTV Stars Partner With Kohls Fashion Line


More and more brands are waking up to the power of YouTube and its influential creators. It’s no surprise that fashion retailers are on the forefront of this great awakening given the huge popularity of the beauty, fashion, and lifestyle genre. That’s why department store chain Kohls is teaming up with teen-focused multi-channel network AwesomenessTV to target teens and their valuable clothing budgets. The sponsorship deal will see the launch of a new AwesomenessTV series called “Life’s So Rad” a title that is directly tied to Kohls new line of teen casual wear “S.o. R.a.d.”

The new series will launch on September 19th with the clothing line appearing a few days later on the 22nd. The coordinated effort will come a bit too late for the back-to-school shopping rush, but just in time to catch seasonal shoppers preparing for cooler weather. Clothes from the “S.o. R.a.d.” line will be featured in the series, which will be complimented by a multi-platform social media campaign tied to the hastag #SoRad. The web series is already planned for multiple seasons to correspond with seasonal offerings from the clothing line.

Each season will feature a different set of AwesomenessTV video star capitalizing on their influencer status for maximum impact. The first season will feature Lia Marie Johnson and Amanda Steele, better known as MakeupbyMandy24. Together the girls have nearly 3 million subscribers, an level of influence that brands like Kohls are only just now starting to capitalize on. While branded collaborations are nothing new for individual YouTubers, particularly those who operate in the fashion and style genre it is one of the largest cross-over campaigns to date to involve an entire network. While some fans are resistant to partnerships between brands and their favorite creators, the funding provided by brands like Kohls does support more and better video content than would otherwise be possible.