Bethany Mota Reps #TeamInternet on DWTS


If you’re a proud member of #TeamInternet then you probably caught Bethany Mota’s debut on Dancing With the Stars. If not, don’t worry, we’ll catch you up. Bethany took the floor with an energetic jive number that was a perfect fit for her bubbly internet persona. She and partner Derek Hough proved that her charm and charisma definitely extend well beyond the YouTube sub box. The routine was perfectly suited to Bethany from an opening scene where she literally burst out of her staged bedroom and onto the dance floor. The number was set to the internet’s current favorite pop-jam Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” a song that’s sure to resonate with any YouTube celeb who’s had to fend off the haters.

The judges were fairly positive on Bethany’s high energy debut complimenting her energy and precision in executing the steps. The one recurring critique was that her energy seemed to lag noticeably between moves. It’s no surprise that a YouTuber gets a little tripped up by transitions. Someone better remind Beth that there are no jump cuts in ballroom dancing. A quick once over in FinalCutPro would have solved all these problems. Still, we’re going to agree with Judge Bruno Tonioli, Bethany is going to be on this show for “a very long time.”